about acme design

Acme Design Works is a graphic design studio founded by Teresa Dotson in 1996 and is located in Norman, Oklahoma on the historic Campus Corner. Teresa is 29-year professional in the field with graphic design experience ranging from logos to annual reports. Inspired by her first grade teacher’s glowing comments on the art section of her report card, Teresa has maintained a goal of creating “pretty stuff to look at” and ambitiously establishing happy relationships with her clients.

Some of her favorite things in life: her family, chocolate labradors, coffee, Mary Poppins, New Orleans, tomato-basil sandwiches, folk music, OU Sooner football, Adrian Peterson, cardinals, hummingbirds, Jon Stewart, cocktails, Colorado, zumba dancing, jeep wranglers, sunflowers and windmills. She hopes to one day learn to play the guitar and do round-off backhandsprings like in the old days!


7 responses to “about acme design

  1. Very cool! I did a double-take when I saw “29-year” because I thought you were fudging your age there for a second. 🙂 I didn’t know you had a Mary Poppins thing going — we missed a whole category of movie lines somehow.


  2. Teresa,
    This looks great!!!
    Love the references to Mary Poppins, AD, Zumba & backhandsprings.

  3. Love the new look! At first I thought YOU were a 29 year old but I knew that wasn’t right because you actually look 30. And guess what?! I also love my family, coffee, OU Sooner football, and Jeep Wranglers but not necessarily in that order. I’ll sure remember you when I need a smart and savvy graphic design studio. Love ya. See ya –

  4. Love the make over! ATTAWAYTOGO! Cindy

  5. Coooooo !! and Boss !!

  6. T — Looks great! Hope to have a collaborative project for us soon.


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